Pregnancy Exam Questions and Answers

If you need a pregnancy exam, you can have it done here at RubyMed Clinic. Reach out to our clinic in Houston, TX today or read on to learn more about pregnancy exams with us at RubyMed. Call us if you have more queries.

Pregnancy Exam Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX
Pregnancy Exam Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX

What is a pregnancy exam?

A pregnancy exam is a physical examination that’s done to confirm or check on a patient’s pregnancy. There are several different kinds of pregnancy exams, and each has its own purpose. For one, there’s a basic exam to confirm a pregnancy. There is also an initial prenatal exam which can give a medical professional important information about a pregnancy and help the professional and the patient plan the pregnancy. There are other prenatal exams too. During these exams, a patient may be weighed, have their belly measured, and have their blood pressure and urine checked. All this will help a professional make sure there are no complications or problems like high blood pressure.

There are more exams and tests, including a test that can be done in the first trimester (the first three months of pregnancy). This test can be done to check for down syndrome or another genetic problem, and the test may consist of a blood test or an ultrasound. During the second trimester, a patient can have a blood test to check for an abnormal chance of having a baby with birth defects. Late in the second trimester, the patient’s blood sugar may be checked for diabetes during pregnancy. Finally, near the end of the patient’s pregnancy, the patient may have tests to look for infections that could harm the baby.

A patient may need other or different exams depending on the patient’s needs during pregnancy.

How soon can you get pregnancy exams?

You may be able to get certain pregnancy tests and exams done even before you miss a period, from as early as eight days after your conception. However, you should speak with a medical professional about this. As for an initial prenatal exam, you might need to have it done during your second month of pregnancy. This is typical for most people, but again, you should talk to a medical professional about this. You can also ask a professional about what you can expect during your exams.

What can I expect during a pregnancy exam?

This really depends on the type or types of exams you get, but you can expect the professional you see to help you stay comfortable during your exams. During an exam, you may have your weight checked, your abdomen measured, your blood pressure checked, your urine checked, or your blood checked, and you may have other simple and harmless tests like an ultrasound. You can ask our clinic what you can expect from your exam or exams with us.

Where can I get a pregnancy exam in Houston, TX?

You can get pregnancy exams right here at RubyMed Clinic. We can provide different kinds of exams and help you achieve a healthy, happy pregnancy. Reach out to us if you need an exam or long-term evaluation with us or connect with us if you have any other questions about pregnancy exams. We’d be happy to hear from you for any reason, and we’d be very happy to provide any services you need.

We hope to hear from you soon! We serve patients from Houston TX, River Oaks TX, Jacinto City TX, Greater Heights TX, Midtown TX, and Bellaire TX.

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