Blood Testing Clinic Questions and Answers

If you’ve been looking for a blood testing clinic near you, look no further than RubyMed Clinic in Houston, TX. With us, you can get blood tests that check for certain conditions. Have more queries? Call us now.

Blood Testing Clinic Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX
Blood Testing Clinic Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX

What are blood tests for?

Blood tests can help medical professionals check for certain health conditions or signs of certain conditions. The tests can also help check the function of organs or the effectiveness of certain treatments. More specifically, blood tests help professionals:

  • Diagnose health conditions like cancer, AIDS, anemia, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Check for risks of certain health conditions
  • Check whether certain medications are working well
  • Assess how well blood is clotting
  • Evaluate how well certain organs are working (like the kidneys, liver, thyroid, or heart)

Blood tests are really common, so you might have one during a routine checkup or if a medical professional wants to check you for a specific health condition. The most common kind of blood test is the basic blood test.

What does a basic blood test check for?

A basic blood test is called a complete blood count (CBC) test, and it might be done during a checkup. This test can check for signs of blood diseases and disorders like anemia, infections, blood cancers, clotting problems, and immune system disorders. To help detect signs of those diseases and disorders, the test measures different parts of the blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin. The complete blood count test is just one of several different kinds of blood tests.

What are the different types of blood tests?

In addition to the complete blood count test, there are blood clotting tests, blood enzyme tests, blood chemistry tests, and more. Here’s some information about these other tests:

  • Blood clotting tests – To check if there’s a risk of bleeding or developing clots in blood vessels
  •  Blood enzyme tests – Troponin and creatine kinase (CK) tests to check for heart attack
  • Blood chemistry tests – Including blood glucose, calcium, and electrolyte tests, as well as tests that measure kidney function
  • A blood test for heart disease risk – This is called the lipoprotein panel test

If you need a standard blood test, you’ll need the complete blood count test. If there’s a specific issue a professional want to check for or monitor, you might need a different test.

What can I expect from a blood test?

Typically, a blood test is really simple and straightforward. You may need to fast before your test, which means you might have to avoid eating any food for a short period. During the blood test, you can expect a professional to draw blood from a vein in your arm or another part of your body. A needle is used for this, or in some cases, a finger prick can be done. The entire procedure is quick for the patient, lasting only a few minutes. After the procedure, you won’t have to do anything else, and the provider will test your blood sample.

Is there a blood testing clinic near me?

If you live in the Houston TX area, then you have a blood testing clinic near you! RubyMed Clinic is that clinic. We can see you or anyone else in your family for a blood test, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you or a family member needs a blood test. We’ll book you in for an appointment. You can also reach out to us if you have any other questions about blood testing.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at RubyMed Clinic! We serve patients from Houston TX, River Oaks TX, Jacinto City TX, Greater Heights TX, Midtown TX, and Bellaire TX.

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