Allergy Treatment Questions and Answers

If you are looking for allergy treatment, our physicians at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX can provide you with expert medical treatments and advice to help you with your allergies. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online. 

Allergy Treatment Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX
Allergy Treatment Questions and Answers at RubyMed Family Care Clinic in Houston, TX

If you’ve been suffering from allergies, you can turn to RubyMed Clinic to help. We can treat you for your allergies, and we may be able to help you get therapy for your allergies so you can build up an immunity! If your child is the one suffering from allergies, we can see your child instead. Contact us today to keep reading if you’d like to learn more about allergy treatment and how we can help here at RubyMed Clinic.

How can I tell If I have an allergy?

If you have a severe allergy or if you’re having a severe allergic reaction, you may have symptoms like swelling of the lips, swelling of another part of the face, difficulty breathing, or anaphylaxis. These symptoms can be very serious and even life-threatening, so if you have any of the symptoms, it’s necessary to go to the ER (emergency room).

If you have simple allergies, you might have symptoms like a plugged nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, hives, and related symptoms. All these symptoms are typically minor and just a nuisance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address them! You can have your symptoms treated at a clinic like RubyMed Clinic, and we may even be able to treat your allergy itself.

What are available treatments for allergies?

With certain allergies like food allergies, a patient can just avoid the substances they react to. If you have a food allergy, avoidance may be all that’s necessary. You might also have to avoid related foods you might react to. For example, if you have a tomato allergy, you may need to avoid tomatoes and also potatoes. Some food allergies can be quite serious, especially if there’s a risk of anaphylaxis, so it may be really important for you to avoid certain foods.

Some allergies can actually be treated. If a patient has only a mild allergy, like a simple seasonal allergy, the patient may be able to treat the allergy with an over-the-counter or prescription medicine. This medicine could be an oral medicine or a nasal allergy spray. If a patient has a more serious allergy and is at risk of serious symptoms, the patient may need emergency epinephrine to treat the allergy. In fact, the patient may need to carry around an emergency epinephrine device like an EpiPen to treat their allergy in any emergency situations.

There are other treatments for allergies, including a treatment that may actually cure an allergy!

Can allergies be cured?

Sometimes a patient will benefit a lot from long-term immune strengthening treatment for their allergies, which can actually help the patient develop a tolerance or even an immunity to an allergen. This is called immunotherapy, and typically, immunotherapy is done with allergy shots.

If you need allergy shots, our clinic may be able to help you get them. Contact us if you’re interested in treating your allergies or having your child treated.

Where can I get allergy treatment near me?

You can get allergy treatment right here at RubyMed Clinic in Houston, TX. We may be able to help you determine whether you have allergies, and if you do, we can provide a treatment like a prescription medication. We may also be able to refer you for a treatment like immunotherapy. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have allergies and want to do something about them, or if your child has allergies. We can help here at RubyMed Clinic.

We hope to hear from you soon! We serve patients from Houston TX, River Oaks TX, Jacinto City TX, Greater Heights TX, Midtown TX, and Bellaire TX.

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